The first question a winegrower must ask himself is “what kind of wine will this earth give me?”. With the first vinifications one starts down a path of discovery and learning; how to nurture the vine and create a balanced habitat that allows the vine to express itself at its best. This is our work.

Striving for the balance of the plants and the earth, we think of the winery as a living organism that encloses vital strengths that are not limited to a system of production. This is an approach that changes a person. By working in harmony with the earth we are able to allow the wines to fully express their territory. Even though the work of wine making requires human intervention, we can speak of a “natural” transformation, during which nothing is removed and nothing is added.

In its infinite complexity and changeability, lies the mystery: the beauty of wine.

My wine comes from two vineyards which have the same type of grapes but are different due to the climate, the soil and exposure to the sun. The first is positioned in a lower area, with clay and marl soil which produces warmer, more mature and fleshy wines. The other, located at 500 meters above sea level, where the soil is prevalently limestone and drains well, produces wines that are fresh and crisp, with a more pronounced acidity.

The Places, The People, Our Philosophy