Project Description

The Chianti Classico Montesecondo represents the territorial expression of three native vines; sangiovese, canaiolo and colorino which are assembled at the harvest. The aging, partly in medium sized casks and partly in cement basins, confers softness and balance to the wine. The majority of the grapes are picked from older vines with a planting density of 3300 plants per hectare in order to fully capture the complexity and length that the fruit of such plants confers.

Aging potential: 10/15 years.

Technical Data Sheet

Alcohol: 12.09 % vol
Total Acidity: 6.10 g/L
Ph: N.D.
Free Sulphur Dioxide: 8 mg/L
Total Sulphur Dioxide: 40 mg/L
Sugars: (Glucose + Fructose): ‹0.5 g/L
Relative Density at 20°: N.D.
Total Dry Extract: 25.6 g/L
Non Reducing Extract: 25.1 g/L
Sorbic Acid: N.D.