Project Description

TÏN expresses with great clarity its territory of origin. The fermentation, the maceration of about 10 months and the aging in clay amphora emphasize it’s original features. The grapes are picked from vines with an average age of 20 years and a planting density of 6500 plants per hectare.

Aging potential: 15/20 years.

Technical Data Sheet

Alcohol: 14.25 % vol
Total Acidity: 5.85 g/L
Ph: 3.44
Free Sulphur Dioxide: 1 mg/L
Total Sulphur Dioxide: 10 mg/L
Sugars: (Glucose + Fructose): ‹1.0 g/L
Relative Density at 20°: 0.99194
Total Dry Extract: 26.9 g/L
Non Reducing Extract: 26.9 g/L
Sorbic Acid: N.D.